October 18, 2010

The Men's Khaki

since i found myself a great pair of khakis, i thought i'd try to do the same for mr. r. recently i purchased him a pair of bonobos. the company has an interesting, keepin-it-real, kind of vibe mixed with a sense of humor. example: the customer service reps are called ninjas.

so after some hemming and hawing, i decided to surprise my wonderful husband with a pair - the graham slackers - they all have clever names.

so full disclosure here - if you click on the link you will see that they are a bit pricey, $88, for a pair of khakis. however it's free shipping to and fro so if they suck, no buyers' remorse. plus they have cool contrast linings in the pockets and waistband.

they arrived about 5 minutes after ordering. well maybe two days but still. and when they were tried on, they received comments such as "these are really comfortable." this is considered high praise from a non-shopper husband. so i'd say they are a hit! so much so that a second pair was ordered in navy. oh and i'd say they fit true to size.

i continued to do some further looking around on the site and saw that they also carry other brands like jack spade which is when i saw him:

all images via bonobos.com

why, hello, i'm meredith. nice to meet you. so if you would like to try these pants for yourself or a man in your life, use this link: http://www.bonobos.com/invite/zakattak213498.

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