November 4, 2010

New Favorite TV Show

i'm an avid hgtv watcher. i think sometimes it crosses the line for my other half (don't worry, we have 2 tvs) but i'm glued to that channel. last week i discovered a new show - sarah's house. have you seen it? this woman (sarah richardson) is great. i've only seen 2 episodes so far but the dvr is now set to record all shows, new and repeats. then i put 2 and 2 together and realized that i had found her website earlier this year.

much like candice olsen, the host of another one of my fav shows, divine design, sarah is canadian. all i can say is God bless those canucks! from what i can tell, her show focuses around renovating and flipping houses. and her budget is big girl money so you get to see really fun ideas come to life. the most recent show is on a farm house that she buys. here are a couple of rooms from the farm:

images via hgtv

why are they just airing this show in the US now? or am i just late to the party? watch out suzanne whang, you've got some competition.

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