November 22, 2010

Test Kitchen

recently my mom referred to my house as my "test kitchen" for new ideas. and it’s true. i use my space to try out what i think would be fun or different design ideas. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t (although hopefully more work than not!). because of this, i end up showing a lot of my own projects. however, i'd love to feature yours too and help you out with your style and design quandaries.

i’m toying with the idea of starting a little thing on the side for a flat fee. how much would you be willing to pay (if anything) for a consultation, shopping companion, or review of your entire house?

i fully believe that a house or a even room is always evolving and doesn’t have to stay the same way forever. in fact, that might get a little boring. so get out there and experiment and let me know if you want some help!

p.s. imagine this was your test kitchen?! i might break my little rule for this - i think i could live with this kitchen forever!

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