December 30, 2010

Happy Chic

jonathan adler's mantra, and title of his new book, is happy chic. read his 10 commandments of happy chic here: they're hysterical. i love the mantra. and i love this book:

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i read it cover to cover in one night. ok, not all that impressive considering there is not much in the way of actual text. however one could spend a lot of time examining the pictures! and the first chapter is devoted to the color blue. i wanted to sing and cry all at the same time. even if you are not as, shall we say, exuberant, about this style of design, i think his lesson of adding fun and humor to your home rings true regardless. take risks with color, have fun, and don't be blah and boring! :)

i haven't seen the companion book on accessorizing but i bet it's just as good!

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