December 27, 2010

Macbeth Collection At TJ Maxx

i know, i blogged about the macbeth collection before. but today i ventured out in the foot of snow that fell over night for a little post-holiday tj maxx fix. and what to my wondering eyes should appear? the macbeth collection storage boxes! they're sold as a set online but at tj they were sold separately which is much better for mixing and matching patterns!

i bought 3 and saved about $5 a box.

clearly tj maxx is very hit or miss but you never know!


Helen said...

Can you comment on the quality of the boxes? Are they made out of cardboard or canvas? I found a deal on these box set at $36/set+shipping.

Meredith said... depends how sturdy you're looking for! i loaded mine with magazines but carried it from the bottom instead of using the handles. they're made of cardboard so don't expect to be able to carry them with heavy stuff. but if they're sitting on a shelf, no problem! hope that helps

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