December 9, 2010

To Papa

today my grandfather (papa) passed away. he was the sweetest, most caring grandfather that any little girl could wish for. you know how everyone has a favorite grandparent? he was my favorite.

papa was the kind of grandpa who would pull a quarter from behind your ear, play cards until he was blue in the face, and sing songs before bedtime. he made the garage door open by saying abracadabra. and he always said yes to every request, especially from his granddaughter!

papa also never lost his spirit. even just last year when i visited him in florida, i took him for a drive along the beach where he lived and he said, “this is where you go to pick up ladies.” he always had great one-liners that put a smile on everyone’s face. papa was 95 and lived a long life filled with love and happiness.

so papa, here’s to you. i am so proud to have known you and so glad you were my papa. you will be deeply missed.

on his 95th bday, july 2010


The Masini Family: said...

Oh, Mer! I'm so sorry to hear about Papa's passing. I know he will be greatly missed but that you will carry many wonderful memories with you! Our prayers go out to you and your family.

The Martin Family said...

Papa was the BEST! The thought of him makes me smile and his one-liners always made me laugh. He was 95 years young for sure. I know he will be missed by many. All our thoughts and prayers...

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