December 17, 2010

What's Really Important

it's not lost on me that this blog (and its author) can sound pretty frivolous at times with a la-ti-da attitude on life. i talk a lot about buying things. really unimportant things. like fabrics and chairs, and clothes and shoes. however i am not blind to the fact that there is a real world out there dealing with real struggles, and in today's economy, tough times. so i know i may not seem entirely grounded in reality at times but i am. i promise. and i too have my fair (or unfair) share of struggles that i deal with on a daily basis. but i write this blog as an escape and i hope it brings a little mindless fun to your day as well.

especially with the holidays coming, i just wanted to say all of that. i am incredibly grateful for the loving, supportive, funny, and fantastic family, friends, and animals in my life. you are what really matters.

image via winston flowers

a beautiful virtual bouquet for you all!


Cat said...

Thumbs up! ;-)

Lucia said...

Beautiful Words!

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