January 20, 2011

Jewelry Box Alternative

that is a very uncreative title. however, for christmas this year i received (actually i picked out with my mom and then i received!) a ceramic coral branch on a stand. instead of using it as a decorative piece around the house, i decided to put it to work!

i think it's a really cute way to store the jewelry you wear everyday in a design-friendly way. i found the same stands at shopten 25 in white, coral (imagine!), and a blackish brown.

images via shopten 25

i have an exciting weekend project - helping a friend find fabric for new curtains in her bedroom. i'll let you know what we find! what weekend projects are you excited about?

1 comment:

The Masini Family: said...

Very cute! But, can we also talk about the awesome lamp!? I think that deserves a post too!

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