February 13, 2011

First Client Project

that's right! i'm going places baby. ok, i might be getting a little ahead of myself but a few people have contacted me to help them with projects and i couldn't be happier. my initiation is with a friend of mine who can't stand looking at the curtains in her bedroom. i am quite sympathetic to this complaint.

since this is my first official client project, i thought i'd share some of my thought process. our first step was for me to stand in her bedroom. even though i've been to her house many times, i haven't been in her bedroom probably more than once. then we gotta talk money. what's the budget? then determine the things she likes in the room and the things she doesn't. next up is the color palette. as with most projects, there are many pieces that need to stay in the room and we need to work with. her existing bed and armoire which are a creamy white and her blue summer duvet were two of those things. and she also loved the color of the walls (as do i) which is a bright and cheery yellow.

so our color story was built around blues, yellow, and off white. a few swatches and lots of e-browsing later, here is the fabric we landed on:

of course with most projects, they have a tendency to expand :)  other than window treatments, we are already talking rugs, lighting, and bedding too. so i created a little inspiration board for the room.

we won't be able to do everything at once, who can? but this at least maps out the direction that we're heading in. befores and afters to come!

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Anonymous said...

Love the inspiration board!

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