February 17, 2011


in my household we are not big celebrators of valentine's day. mr. r has firmly stated his opinion - many times ;) - that it's hallmark's way of getting people to spend money on one random day of the year. and that you shouldn't need a holiday to tell someone that you love them. i see his point. although i do think feb 14th can be a nice excuse (or reminder) to write a little love note, if you take time throughout the year to do it, then why pay $80 for a dozen roses when they usually cost $20!

but this is the time of year when v-day gift guides are written and jewelry stores get their advertising on. so getting to the point...my husband and i have a special, between-us-only, way of signing emails to eachother. we finish with a simple "i ly." i love you. i was reading one of the aforementioned gift guides over at elements of style, when i saw this piece:

it's an earring by melissa joy manning. it made me melt when i saw it so i went to her website to check it out in more detail. while there i saw a link to this:

on a whim i forwarded the link to mr. r with a note that it made me think of us. and as a great surprise to me, he loved it too and bought it on the spot. it was on my placemat this evening and very soon after, around my neck.  :)

soooo... it's probably very fitting that this post didn't happen on the 14th, but regardless... to my valentine, happy heart day, i ly.

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