February 14, 2011

My Take On The Grammys

i know, who am i to give opinions but i'm going to say them anyway. there were some odd choices at the grammys this year along with a few good ones. let's start out with the good...

jennifer hudson looks amazing:

selena gomez is only 16, which bothers me a little, but she had one of the prettiest looks of the night:

i'm not a gleek and i can't stand her character on glee but lea michele always brings her A game:

heidi does it for me:

i was super surprised by how much i liked this one - julianne hough looks elegant and relaxed and i love her hair:

now onto the so-so and the completely weird...

i know not everyone will agree with me on this one. i like miranda lambert - her voice is real, her songs are great, and she's a very pretty girl. she just needs a new stylist.

i think this pick might also be controversial because the dress itself is pretty but it's how miley wore it. this is actually a decent picture but i saw her on e! and she was hunched and slouched and it wasn't attractive.

katy perry, you are not on the victoria's secret runway show.

i don't "get" this look but i think i'm ok with that:

i'm sorry, i know she's a kid but the pressure must be stifling and i think it's coming out in weird ways:

um no, adam levine:

apparently this is gramma funk. i'm not familiar with gramma funk but this takes the cake:

all images via yahoo

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