February 2, 2011

Snow, Snow, And More SNOW

today it looks like this out our dining room window. this is on the side of the house where no snow has been shoveled or plowed so this ain't no snow bank. just pure accumulation.

this is out the living room window on the side of the house. please note that the snow is up to my 6 foot husband's shoulder.

even lily the dog is trying to stay warm. (i really love how this picture also showcases 3 different types of flooring in a 3 foot radius in my house)

so i leave you with this picture from stylist and interior designer, estee stanley. this is at el dorado in cabo and i don't even know if this is in someone's home or what but to me it looks like a cave to me. definitely one of the coolest things i've ever seen.

via eos


Anonymous said...

Are you close to a record yet?!!

Meredith said...

yes, i think this is ranking in the top 5 snowiest winters ever!

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