March 7, 2011

Doggie Clothing

typically i am morally opposed to clothing for dogs. i'm sorry if this offends you, but i can't stand seeing those little fru-fru dogs dressed in little outfits. i don't really even like the fru-fru dog to begin with, you know the ones that weigh like 5 lbs. it's not a dog. sorry.

however, my dog being of the short-haired variety has taken to keeping warm in blankets and "pajamas". which i will admit some of people are skeptical of. but a friend of mine (shout out JLL) forwarded me this store on etsy - rover dog - which is so freakin cute, i may make an exception to my rule. well maybe!

images via rover

i also have to admit that i'm a sucker for this barbour jacket for dogs. but i can't come to terms with the $70 pricetag for a dog jacket so lily the dog is going without. so deprived.

via orvis

this is how lily stays warm - in her horse blanket :)

find it here at dover saddlery. what do you think? have i lost my mind?? ;)

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