March 30, 2011


if you couldn't tell from this blog, i like color. my personal taste does not involve a lot neutral on neutrals. and i don't like the belgian old-world-with-modern-twist look that has become so trendy and that restoration hardware apparently can not get enough of. like this:

yeesh. but greige, the cross between grey and beige, is all the rage (yo i got more where that came from) and i can't ignore it. there is a whole blog devoted just to this color. and i have to admit, i've seen some rooms that i could live in.

this one's a bit greener but similar effect:

ballard teamed up with traditional home to remake a room in one lucky couple's home (which incidentally was a very nice room to begin with - great architectural detail, amazing floors, and huge open space. hmm, i wonder why they chose this room as their contest winner?). the walls are decidedly greige but pops of orange makes is so much more livable for me. see here for more pics.

images via ballard designs

i found this beauty at canadian house & home. yeah, i could live here, greige and all.

what do you think? are you a fan?

1 comment:

Lacey said...

We just painted the back bedroom Greige! I was hesitant, but I actually really like it. Natural color rug and white furniture with blue accents... I am dying to get one of the bedside lamps you have featured on here too. I am diggin' it!

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