March 15, 2011

Projects From Weekends Past

thought i'd share a few updates of my on-going projects :)

first, artwork. i moved these two prints into the dining room and must have stared at them for weeks months - let's be real here - before i finally took the leap and hung them. i couldn't decide, were they the right feel for this room? and poor mr. r must have been asked that question 20 times. it was rhetorical.

(weird angle trying to avoid the glare)

they were originally purchased for our previous house where our dining room was more formal but we never hung them! the frames were black (sorry i don't have a before pic) which really didn't work with my navy walls so i whipped out some metallic silver spray paint and fixed that problem.

i also picked up some pillow covers that i had taken to be monogrammed (never met a monogram that i didn't like :) to complete the living room chairs. whadya think?

tip: if you don't have your own sewing machine, or one capable of doing monograms, find yourself a local seamstress who does work for a tack shop (saddlery). equestrian-type stuff. think horse blankets, saddle pads, riding gear. the woman i use does that as her main business and so she has a good variety of monogram styles to choose from.

also, some curtain work occurred which i'll share more about in a separate post! are you working on any home projects?

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