April 4, 2011

Master Bath Reno Part 1

i was nicely reminded last week that i haven't shared our master bathroom reno yet and with the next bathroom project on the horizon, i had better hurry up! this might take a couple of days worth of posts. i'll start today with the "before" and the gut job. then i'll come back with the construction and "after". i promise it will be worth the wait :)

so, what's more fun than some really fabulous (i.e. heinous) before pics? and i have a plethora! our bathroom had a pale pink toilet, matching sinks, and a giant jacuzzi tub. where's the shower you might ask? oh right, we didn't have one. but we did have more than enough tulip tile luckily.

(looking to the left from the doorway)

oh what's that, you can't get enough of the tulips? well here's your close-up! they were handpainted on the wall. faaancy.

same particle board cabinetry found throughout the rest of the house? check. awkward zig zag layout? check there too.

(standing at the toilet looking the other way, doorway on right out of view)

let's take a closer look at those faucets. yeah baby.

first step was to clear out the room of all furniture and build a plastic hall to contain some of the dust.

demo literally took one hour. it was incredible. and here is what we were left with - looking better already! this is where the toilet and jacuzzi tub once sat.

this is the doorway with the original pocket door that we kept.

ceiling came down too!

there you have the "befores" and so that you keep coming back for more, below are the plans to convert the bath into a much more functional space. this is where we'll pick back up!

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