April 7, 2011

Pelvic, I Mean Pelmet, Boxes

ah, the ubiquitous pelmet box. these are everywhere so i'm a little late to the game but i've been thinking a lot lately about adding pelmet boxes over our living room sliding doors. i'm not feeling panels in this room, particularly because they don't work well with sliding doors, unless you can pull them completely out of the way which we don't have room for.

so i ask my better half what he thinks of the pelmet box look. he mis-hears this as pelvic box. i'm giggling. (this is a very typical conversation between the two of us when it comes to design!) i then explain that i would like to construct 3 pelmet boxes - out of wood no less. he asks how comfortable that will be. what would that look like exactly? ha, he thinks he's pretty funny! so it stuck and we will forever refer to them as pelvic boxes and laugh. :)

some examples:

ruthie sommers

meg braff

kimberly ayres

palmer weiss

palmer weiss

melanie of plum cushion via lgn

via lgn

via lgn

i (well we) are going to try to make said pelvic boxes so i'll be sure to give updates on the progress. luckily there are tons of diy posts out in the blogosphere to help. if you're interested, try these:


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Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Great Post! Love your blog!

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