April 6, 2011

TJ Maxx/Homegoods Finds

our local tj maxx and home goods is combined in one store. i find this to be very efficient and effective! as tj maxx's go, i think we have a pretty good one but it was especially good this past weekend. check out some of these finds...

(this is up on blocks, the legs don't have weird squares on the bottom!)

um ralph lauren lamps (2 on the top and the bottom middle one). these go for like $250 and up and they were $99.

two's company pierced ginger jar:

the cutest watering can that needed to come home with me!

remember the spring bag guide? well this is the exact jpk paris bag from that post AND i did not buy it. that's called will power people.

for $80!

i forgot to take a pic of these at the store but they came home with me so i snagged a pic here! :) it's hard to tell but they are made of wood and painted a light blue (that's white styrofoam behind). so many possibilities with these in terms of color.

if you haven't been in a while, get yourself to a tj/homegoods pronto!

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