May 2, 2011

Lighting Woes

the bathroom is gutted! yay!

but now we have to figure out the lighting which is proving to be a challenge. we'll be adding some recessed lighting but i'd also like to have some surface mounted lighting to keep it interesting. as a reminder, here is the old lighting :)

technically, a light fits in there and it's hard to tell here but it's actually pretty low because of the sloped ceiling and the mirror is even lower. as in you-can't-see-the-top-of-your-head low. originally i thought i'd just put a double sconce there but now i'm realizing it will looked cramped especially when we tried to center it over the new sink that will now be there. sooo, nixing the sconce idea and trying to figure out a ceiling option for over the other sink.

(photo taken standing where the tub would be) 

but the issues don't stop there of course! the electrician says that pendant fixtures are a no no in bathrooms. is this true? i know i've seen them before but if we want to stay in code then we have to do something very close to the ceiling. i found a couple of options but would love any other ideas. (needs to be chrome)

pottery barn:


so feel free to weigh in with any and all ideas, within the requirements please :)

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