June 27, 2011

DIY Bench Reupholstery

this weekend i got around to reupholstering the bench i got from ballard. this was my first go at upholstery and i'm pretty pleased with the results!

gathered the tools - staple gun, scissors, and pliers. my first thought was to remove the existing fabric with the needle nose pliers.

much harder said than done. the pliers were too thick, the staples were tiny, and i didn't want to damage the black lining. so quick change of plans, and making it much easier, i decided to put the new fabric right over the old one. it worked out since i was putting dark fabric over light but it might not have worked if it was the other way around.

i rolled out the piece of fabric and saw that it had an imperfection in the upper-middle of the piece. it's a little hard to tell but there were black marks on both of the pagodas which made it hard to center one particular scene.

i positioned the bench on the fabric so that the yucky part would be hidden in the back.

my trusty advisor was there to supervise (apparently standing was too much work so she needed to lean. note the back feet):

i began stapling the fabric at one end and carefully tucked in the corners so they were straight. almost like a present. before doing the other 3 sides i made sure the fabric was going to be straight on the other side.

finished stapling around (tip - pull the fabric very tight for a smooth finished look), screwed the legs back in and voila! my new bench was complete!

i would rate this project as easy, maybe even super easy, and i highly encourage anyone looking for a quick change to try something similar! 

1 comment:

The Masini Family: said...

Great job! Turned out beautifully!

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