July 11, 2011

House Painting Headaches

sorry for the hiatus on posting - our house painting project is taking way longer and way more time and energy than anticipated. we needed some carpentry work done before the new paint can go and ended up getting the run around from a carpenter recommended by our painter strangely enough. he was going to charge us - get this - nearly $8,000 to replace a few clapboards, repair some deck railings, and a few other touch up type things.

clearly this guy thought he saw an opportunity to take advantage of a young couple (we look younger than we really are!). unfortunately for him, we're not stupid. so our contractor extraordinaire is coming to our rescue and doing the work this week. and his first comment was, "well i can at least tell you this isn't $8,000." :)

the painters on the other hand are doing a really great job (i also have them working on the new bathroom inside - final pics soon!) and they're very thorough. here's an in-progress photo!

sorry for the rant! have you had tradespeople try to take advantage of you?

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Anonymous said...

Some tradespeople will take advantage of home owners with price. Thats why its important to get at least three bids, and check references of the people you hire. another thing to keep in mind is to never pay for more than half of the fee up front. Do these things and you will have a much better chance of a positive outcome.

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