August 15, 2011

Fall Wedges

i am all about the wedge shoe. height with comfort. two wedges have recently come across my radar so i felt the need to share.

1. lands' end (say what? yep that's right):

from their newer canvas line. i love the rubber sole and suede combo and in fact have been looking for something like this for probably a year now. i happen to be partial to the "fawn" color but there are others. not sure how i feel about the ankle strap but we'll see. i ordered two sizes so i'll let you know how the sizing is if you're interested.

in case you prefer a bootie version, they have that too:

2. ann taylor:

this shoe is actually way better in person - i saw a pair in the store window and drooled. the red is not so hookerish as it looks here and the pointed toe really makes the whole thing. only drawback is that these are teeteringly high but then again that's part of their appeal :)

what fall shoes are on your radar?

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