October 12, 2011

Here's What We're Working With...

in the interest of keeping it real and also having good befores and afters :), i thought i'd share what "the room", aka the nursery, currently looks like. we are very fortunate to have a large room next to our bedroom. it measures 21 1/2 feet by 15 feet and will fit everything we need for the twins!

standing just inside the door:

from the left end of the room looking across to the right end:

from the right end looking to the left end:

the doorway just in sight:

lots to do :)

1 comment:

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Where did I miss that it was twins. So exciting! A good before maks the afters so much better:) You have a great space to work with and I'm sure it will be fab!

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