November 4, 2011

Adding Green

a new friday etsy post will have to wait until next friday as i haven't received the item to show you yet!

when i began brainstorming on how to decorate the nursery, we had decided not to find out the genders of the babies. well, we caved. and we're having two boys!! i originally picked fabrics that were gender neutral and i love them. but i wanted to add another color to the mix and now i'm thinking pale lime green! ben moore's neon celery is just what i had in mind:

and i also happened to come across this little guy which i think will fit in perfectly :)

the nursery is being painted up today so i'll have some good pics to show next week! have a great weekend - any painting projects going on?

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Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

Congratulations on twin boys!! Even though my little one is a handful, sometimes I look at him and think it would have been so fun if he had a twin brother. I can't wait to see the nursery! I'm painting my son's playroom this weekend. Boring white (BM Swiss Coffee to be exact), but it will eventually be his big boy room so I want the freedom to do whatever I want when he gets a little bit older (and I've repainted my entire house three times so it's time to stop) Have a great weekend!!

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