November 9, 2011


did i share yet what we're doing for lighting in the nursery? i don't think so. i decided not to do a lamp for fear that one day all too soon it would be taken out by a wild child and then i would be cursing myself for wasting money on a lamp. so sconces seemed like a good choice and they can go on a dimmer. i went for these guys!

i love how fun they are and definitely not the usual sconce with shade. they'll go on either side of the small window at the front of the room. as i write this, the boys are really active so i think they're excited too! (p.s. these can be found cheaper with just a tiny bit of googling!)

i also found myself on anthropologie's website and came across this little guy:

i mean, come on. this has to happen. do you think we'll use hooks? maybe one or two?

1 comment:

Cat said...

Yes...definitely you will use hooks. One each at least! :)

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