November 22, 2011

Nursery Bedding

i have searched high and low for crib bedding that will go with my color scheme. i love every single thing that serena and lily has but none of their "sets" are quite right. restoration hardware has some cute stuff - pieces of it are right but again not everything in a "set". and then i stumbled on and found their design-your-own bedding tool. HEAVEN.

start with one of their ideas or a blank canvas (my preference) and go to town. you can select options on bumpers* and skirts like piping or pleats. their prices are pretty reasonable, considering it's custom. and you can order swatches of any of their fabrics (and there are lots to choose from) for 50 cents each. i would highly recommend ordering swatches because the colors and patterns online don't look quite the same in person. you can also customize the wall color in the picture, the carpet color, and the crib color to get a more realistic view of your actual room.

*let me say that i am well aware of the controversy surrounding bumpers. they are however pretty decoration and so for the purposes of this post, i'm including them.

as an example, i created this bedding on their site. inside the bumper is a striped fabric which is impossible to see here. i left the sheet white because i've found other sheets that i like better. i'm not going with a quilt either but you can't hide it in the picture. but that's another great thing - you can order everything a la carte - i ended up purchasing only the bumper(s).

anyone out there who has used this company? any reviews? i did read in the baby bargains book (which was very nicely given to me by a friend!) that their sheets are fully elasticized which is apparently recommended.

the crib skirts are coming from restoration hardware which i bought during a recent friends and family sale for 20% off!

and here is one of the sheets i'm using - serena and lily's mocha trellis:

so there you have it, my piecemeal bedding :) i like that it's a unique combination that i won't find in another nursery! 

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