November 28, 2011

Nursery Windows and DIY Tiebacks

the windows are done and i thought i'd share how they came out! the nursery is on the front side of the house, which is the really sunny side, and there are 4 windows that let in a lot of light. it's great to have such a sunny spot but also means that we need some major room darkening going on!

so each window got a white roman shade backed with blackout fabric and panels or a valance made out of the aqua bird fabric - the inspiration for the whole room!

window at right side of the room:

front window - one regret here - i assumed that the workroom would center a bird on each side of the valance but they didn't. i really wish i had asked them to do that. we all know what happens when one ASSumes.

two left side windows:

now for the diy part on the tiebacks above. i thought initially that i was going to use ribbon for the tiebacks on these windows so i didn't have tiebacks made but then decided that might be too girly. so i took a swatch of the fabric that i had and made the tiebacks myself! i don't have a sewing machine so this was a no-sew project (read: this was super easy).

i cut a piece out and used fabri-tac to glue down the sides for a nice, clean edge.

finished glueing down all the edges, making sure it was even. finished width ended up being 5.5" and length was 22".

i folded it down the center and glued the edges together. i wanted the double thickness to make it extra sturdy.

i repeated the same steps on the second one, making sure my measurements were the same. i wanted to get a bird in each one so if you are using a fabric with a large print, make sure you pay attention to how you cut the initial piece.

my husband hammered a nail through the end of each pieces to make little holes to slip through the hooks on the wall. this was the risky part - obviously the fabric can easily fray. we'll see how it holds up. a better alternative would be to sew rings to each end to avoid cutting the fabric but bed rest prevents quick trips out!

getting close to being done! last parts are figuring out the artwork and accessorizing. can't wait to share the finished product!


Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Looking great! Did you have the romans made or did you find them retail? I am still struggling with what to do for Maddie's room....I don't want her to have to pull her panels closed everytime she wants privacy or sleep!

Meredith said...

thanks! i had the shades made - we have some quirky sized windows!

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