March 28, 2012

Isn't She Lovely

last summer i finally entered the world of the iphone-ers. best decision ever. and since i'm obsessed with mine, i had, had, to get a pretty case. i chose this one (that's hot pink around the edges).

kate spade via nordstrom

but now, after someone, ahem, who shall remain nameless, dropped my phone, the pretty case has cracked. actually it may have already been on its way to cracking. this was the 3rd time it had been dropped - the first time i left it on top of my car and drove out of the driveway. the phone went flying into the street but somehow it didn't have a scratch and the case was completely in tact. so let me give a BIG plug to kate spade cases!

new case is this one...i know, almost the same but i'm loving the bling on this one. plus my phone is white so it looks even more snazzy.

kate spade via nordstrom

oh yeah and not to leave out the husband found this website for his. i'm liking the metal and wood ones best.

images via slickwraps

any cases that you're loving right now? etsy is chock full of them!

1 comment:

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

I recently purchased this one designed by The Pink Pagoda.

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