May 16, 2012

A New House Purchase (Rug Post Again)!

we got to go over to the new house yesterday to put up some notes for the painters about where touch ups are needed. but it was a great opportunity to do some more measuring and remind myself of what is going where.

the mud room is going to need a rug of some sort. it has a slate-ish floor (so gray) and a bunch of built-in cubbies which you can see here. it's actually a pretty cool room but it needs some color badly!

i don't know if you stalk joss & main and okl like i do but is it me or have there been about a zillion indoor/outdoor rug sales recently? i think there is one every day! so finally today, after looking at said zillions of rugs, i pulled the trigger. and here is what our mud room will have to spice it up:

i am on a strict budget and this puppy was $62 at joss & main. aaaand it's reversible so we can decide which side looks better. maybe this side?

we still don't know when we're moving but it's fun to dream in the meantime :)

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