June 6, 2012

Dash & Albert Rugs

i'm making a little progress on my design plan for our new master bedroom (see here) and ordered the rug as well as a runner for the hall leading to our bedroom. as you may have guessed from the post title, both are from dash and albert. there is a great little store near us that carries their full line so i was able to check out samples in person. they are softer than i thought which was a huge plus! and they are so reasonably priced it's stupid. got both rugs (one 9x12 and one 12' runner) for under $600. my husband was not impressed by this number but if you've ever priced rugs these sizes, you know.

in our master will be yacht stripe in ocean:

and the runner is vanilla sky (wasn't that a weird weird movie?) which has the same ocean color along with chocolate brown:

very excited!!

1 comment:

danielle @ design-eye said...

hey there! Stumbled upon your blog searching for D&A (I'm doing a post on them today as well!) Anyhow, wanted to let you know I've enjoyed your blog and will continue to check it out. I'm also based in Boston and in interior design :)


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