June 29, 2012

Happy Father's Day

a few weeks late! but i wanted to share my silly little idea that i did for father's day. the same photographer, kate eden renyi, who took the boys' newborn photos (see here) held an impromptu father's day shoot which i thought would be super cute for a first daddy's day.

i attempted to make onesies that said Da and Da for them to wear. :) i had grand plans of making letters out of fabric with stencils and bonding them to the onesies (think greek letter shirts in college!). but then i went to michael's, became compeltely overwhelmed by that store - not so much the crafty type - and couldn't find anything i was looking for. so i resorted to tracing stickers with fabric marker. i can hear all of the martha stewarts out there laughing!!

(even time to have a few bites of lunch!)

i was afraid it would look really cheesy but the pictures came out great and da da was very surprised!

courtesy of KER Photography all rights reserved

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