July 31, 2012

Artwork Rule Of Thumb

i heard a good tip on hanging art that i thought i would pass along – the center of the piece should be 5 feet from the floor. has anyone else heard this? obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re putting something over a mantle for instance. but i know i’ve said before that artwork hung too high is a major pet peeve of mine. we’ve only hung two paintings (and before we knew about the rule) in our new house so of course i had to go measure them. one is spot on (bam!) and one is 3 inches too high. it looked too high to me when we hung it but it was a battle i lost with my other half. he’s taller, he won. :) now does it bother me enough to move it down?

i feel strongly that you need to live in a space before hanging things up. it should be a process of figuring out what fits best where. and if you’re moving, the place where it used to hang in an old house might not work in a new house. for example, the painting in the pic above used to be over our bed and is now in the dining room at our new house. anyway, what do you think about the 5 feet rule of thumb? i think i like it!


The Flip Side said...

This just helped me "win" the debate with "Mr Hangs things 5 inches from the ceiling"!! I love this rule and will be enforcing going forward. Thank you!

The Masini Family: said...

Ha! I have a "Mr. Hangs things 5 inches from the ceiling" too! I think it's because he is 6'4" and hangs things at HIS level, not the rest of the world's! I'll definitely pass the rule along! Thanks!

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