July 3, 2012


some ideas collected in my head for our new house...

there is a small landing upstairs that i'm going to turn into my pink and green nook. this chair will be going there:

and i was thinking of this rug from jonathan adler. any other ideas of pink rugs that aren't screaming baby?

over our new fireplace, there are two sconces (which need new shades - off topic) and a wide space in the middle. we have decided not to mount our tv there for a couple of reasons. 1. i don't love the idea of the tv being the main focal point in the room and 2. there would be just enough space for the tv at 42" wide and it would look squeezed. so i'm looking for a large round (i think) mirror to put up there. came across this one:

via wayfair.com

kinda cool?

i've also always admired these pendants and would love to put one in the boys' rooms one day:

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