July 9, 2012

Push Pins

i'm on a search for cute push pins for my new desk area in the kitchen. it excites me beyond belief to have a built-in command center complete with cork board! here is a disastrous iphone photo :)

the command center is in major need of some organization but that's coming when the rest of our house does - this friday! anyway, i've been scouring etsy for push pins - and if i had more time, i think i could easily make my own but alas moving, twins, and going back to work doesn't leave a lot of downtime.

these are my current top choice:

these are also cute but maybe in orange and pink?

guess i'm liking polka dots :):


danielle @ design-eye said...

I personally love the dotted ones- but I guess it depends on the rest of your kitchen! personally I use decorative nailheads as my pins and I love them :) Currently I use bronze ones that look like a stud.

Meredith said...

great idea, i love it!! i actually thought about cutting a piece of linen to put over the cork and securing it with nailheads - a post for another day!

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