August 16, 2012

Pretty LAUNDRY Room

update: to anyone who read this post earlier and noticed that the title was "pretty powder room" and thought why does it say that? here is my answer: i have no clue. this is my brain with 7 month old twins apparently. it's gone. but here's a question for you - why didn't you say anything??!!

i am in love with this freakin laundry room. it reminds me that i need to do something bold with wallpaper in mine. it is so worth it to me - if you have to be doing laundry you might as well have something pretty to look at. live a little! (see more zebra here and here)

via i suwannee

1 comment:

Ann Gavin said...

We're watching Downton Abbey on Netflix right now too, love it! Aside from the drama, all the fake British accents and phrases we picked up are worth it :)

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