September 27, 2012

Autumn Flowers

it’s starting to feel autumnal in the great northeast! and around these parts mums are a rite of fall. the big debate is always what color mums to get and now we have a yellow house as a backdrop as opposed to gray. decisions decisions. however i was driving past our local farm stand and they had the most brilliant thing sitting outside front and center: multiple colors of mums in one pot! why haven’t i seen this before? why haven’t i thought of this before? ugh all these years of living without multi colored mums. i guess i’ll survive. somehow. :)

*that little smudge on the trim between the two columns is me attempting to blur out our house number. it's not a smudge in real life :)

i still need to put them in pretty pots though. this weekend hopefully. pumpkin time this weekend too! 


The Flip Side said...

Ahh, we had a great debate about mums the other night (I know, I know- we're really wild these days!) and this is a perfect compromise to my "it's a New England necessity" to his "but they're so blah". Problem solved!

danielle @ design-eye said...

looks so pretty!!! love this time of year :)

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