October 19, 2012

New Blog Faves

has anyone been watching project runway this season? i am so underwhelmed by the designers this year. ugh so boring. some years there is a clear cut winner, or a couple who are really good, but this year out of the 4 going to fashion week, i could honestly not tell you who will win. on the other hand, duck dynasty is back which makes me very happy. but i feel like their conversations are almost scripted now. they seem very forced. except for si. love him. (yes, for reals, i like duck dynasty. i dvr it! haha)

so anyway, here are two new blogs that i’ve discovered recently and thought i’d share –

Dinner: A Love Story. we have a moms group at work and someone mentioned this to the group. it’s great, i love the way she writes, and i feel like i could actually tackle one or two of these meals. but it’s about so much more than the meals too.

Holly Mathis Interiors. i stumbled on this site through pinterest. obviously, where else? so much inspiration on this blog and i especially love her boy room posts. look at this room she created - the headboards are decals!

enjoy the weekend!

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