November 2, 2012

Oh Sandy

sandy got the best of us this week. we lost power and had an exciting time with a tree and a chain saw but we were all ok and had no damage to our house thankfully. my heart goes out to everyone in new jersey and manhattan. my brother-in-law is traipsing around the city with a rolling suitcase. on the radio this morning they likened this storm to katrina for the jersey shore. it was their katrina. it's so easy to text the red cross and donate $10, we all should do it.

onto happier's november. how in the world is that possible!? we had a cow and a giraffe for our first kiddie halloween. they were less than thrilled with their costumes that were too small and too hot but very cute nonetheless. :)  anywayyyy... i saw this little eating nook on pinterest that i'm crazy about and had to share.

via pinterest

via kelly green

i have pillows in that chair fabric in the navy/tint colorway and they're fabulous. but the brown and pink here is so fresh and that gallery wall is awesome. do i spy suzanne kasler for ballard antlers?

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