November 20, 2012

Project Update: Fireplace Wall

very excited to report that the painters came and went and did an amazing job with everything. i can't wait to share all of the changes! i'll start with the fireplace wall. you remember the before...

hi charlie!

boring! not enough color for me so i took the plunge on bold red and white stripes. as it was going up and the first coat of red went on i HATED it. i was all "this was a huge mistake. we're telling them to paint it back." yadda yadda.

yuck yuck yuck

but then once all three coats were done and the yellow was changed to white, it was just what i wanted. for paint colors, see here. this is the closest to what it looks like in person although i'd say the red is slightly more muted than it looks here.

please note that the bookshelves are not well styled yet (still). the red looks really bright here but it's not at all in real life. just the lighting playing tricks on me.

definitely a bit of a nautical look but we are boat/water people so it works for us. also if i didn't have two babies and a job outside the home (a friend of mine's neighbors all asked her if she works "outside the home". sounds so 1950s doesn't it? imagine doing such a thing! it's funny though because i think staying home full time would be a harder job, at least at this stage. but working part-time certainly isn't easy either.) i might have been able to try the stripes on my own. but the guy who did it used minimal tape which i'm always in awe of and once the red was on, he free handed the white. amazing.


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

That looks so good! I'm not even a red person but I love red and white stripes and they look awesome here! Nautical is always a good look in my book :)

lacey said...

Admittedly, I wasn't sure where you were going with the red stripes, but holy smokes! That looks awesome!! I love that your home is sophisticated yet fun and welcoming. Wonderful job!!

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