January 29, 2013

Office Lighting

one thing that isn't my favorite about our office is the light fixture that the builder picked out. as i said yesterday, it's fugly. a couple of weeks ago as i was finally catching up on some blogs (since before xmas!), i saw this room on lgn.

a sunburst on the ceiling? amazing. i have looked into this beauty and she is not cheap. around $600+ which is not in my budget. really nothing is in my budget due to the fact that i don't have a budget for lighting. but i will save my pennies and add it to my wishlist for *some* day!

1 comment:

Oralia Sankey said...

This is a beautiful light fixture for an office. It gives off enough light for the entire space. It looks and feels like natural sunlight. I’d love to have one in my office. -> Oralia Sankey

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