February 5, 2013

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

the baby boys are 13 months old today. it is just not possible. they're not walking yet but i decided i am ok if they don't walk for a while. i can't imagine keeping up with walkers!

they love their lily dog. :)

anyway, i read this post at lgn yesterday and i thought it was so good. i fight the same feelings of holding back even though i realize that very few people read this blog (as opposed to lgn). but still, the thought often crosses my mind - who is reading this and will judge me? who will question me or read too much into what i'm saying? it does make you hold back some of the realness and candidness of what you might write.

i also feel the need to have a project close-to-finished before showing photos. hence some of the slowness to post pics of things i talk about! i think it's easy to read different blogs (not mine) and think that person must be perfect. they can do it all - have a beautiful home, balance family life with work life, and look all put together at the same time. but it's not actually true. sometimes things go wrong or at least not the way you planned. and that's ok!

case in point, and something that i normally would not have shared yet, are the prints we hung last weekend on our stairs. i love the posters and i love how they turned out with the raspberry colored mats and gold frames. however, after we hung them (and a few arguments later), i just don't love how they look.

the middle one is too high i think (and that's after a second set of holes in the wall!) but more than that, i think it looks cluttered now. my aspirations of having wallpaper in the entry are on hold after i figured out exactly how much that might cost. yikes. but i still have that vision in my head and i think these prints are in stark contrast to that vision. basically did i take a pretty, sophisticated house and cheapen it by hanging these? i'm going to live with it (although maybe lower the middle one a smidge) and as my loving husband pointed out, they don't have to stay there forever. love him.


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

I can't believe your boys are 13 months! They'll walk soon enough. Edward walked freakishly early and had no fear of anything. It was exhausting. I hope our next kid takes longer! I always struggle with wanting to wait to share things, but I think people like to see bloggers be a little bit of a mess sometimes. Who wants to read about someone who's perfect? BTW I LOVE your pink office! I keep forgetting to comment on it, but I'm dying to use blanched coral and it looks so fabulous in your house!

MaryBeth said...

Love that blue in the room behind the stairs. I'm still reading!

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