February 28, 2013

House Stalking

there is this house not too far from us that i am in love with. i discovered it one day, actually night, as i drove by and they had all of their lights on and not one single shade or curtain. lucky for me! i guess i would describe the style as a modern farm house with a metal roof built only a year or two ago. the exterior is so pretty but what’s even better is the interior. i like to drive by it as often as i can to catch glimpses. and now if we get take out, i purposely drive the way to pass this house. creepy mccreepster i know.

excuse the through-my-car-window iphone pics. it's impossible to tell here but the front door and casing is this gorgeous medium gray.

inside i can see only a few details… gray trim (similar to the front door) and white walls. towards the back left there are huge pendants which i imagine are over an island (but what does that island look like??). a giant world map in the front right room. the whole look is so contrary to what i typically like and that fascinates me even more! no bright colors, pretty minimalist with very little “stuff”. i like to think about what else is in this house. i imagine light wood floors, metal bar stools, maybe a cool vintage rug or two - wait - maybe funky shag rugs, and lots of swedish furniture with some antiques thrown in for good measure. i'm probably 100% off base but it's still fun!

i've never seen pendants quite like the ones in this house but this is the closest i could find:

via maddie g designs on pinterest

maybe a table like this and these chairs in the form of barstools? (this kitchen is way busier than what would be in this house)

does anyone else do this? do you have a house like this one? please tell me i’m not totally creepy. and no, mom/dad/others who may be wondering - this house is not for sale and i, in no way, shape, or form have any thoughts of moving or anything crazy like that. i’m simply admiring.

p.s. if this is your house, i'm free for a tour any time :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith! I have been enjoying your blog and had to write to you when I saw this post . . . the woman who lives in this house actually has a blog that I used to follow. She no longer updates it. Check it out - it is a totally green healthy home which makes it even more beautiful! I have gotten some great ideas from her blog.


Hope you and your boys are doing well!

Kara (Audrey's Mom)

Meredith said...

hi kara! so great to hear from you! i didn't get to your comment until last night but thanks so much for sharing. someone else also sent me the link. looks like i was living under a rock!

hope you're well and i hear congrats are in order!! :)

monika said...

Ugh, yes, I do it. I went one step further, actually: I rang the bell and gushed over the exterior of a house in Naples, Florida, and the woman was so pleased she invited us (hubs and me) in and prudly showed off the home. Boy, was it a treat! Modern but warm, with under-lit onyx counter tips in the baths... it is a gorgeous home. i go to Naples every year and drive by and drool. total house stalker. That huouse could make me do things I never thought I would/could. The owners invite us in every year for drinks and a chat and I still love it. They think it's amusing and I'm so glad they haven't diagnosed me as a complete nut. Yet.

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