February 8, 2013

On My Radar: For the Kiddies

happy friday! the last two weeks at work have been completely insane and i'm so glad to be through it. blah. but the weekend is here so onto brighter things! the boys are going for their second haircut this weekend. their hair grows so much faster than mine. maybe because they have a very healthy diet and i have a very unhealthy one :) is diet related to nice hair? anyway i digress...

a few things i've been seeing around the interwebs lately and thought i'd round up and share...

zulily and the honest company have teamed up and you can buy their stuff on zulily always. people swear by their diapers but i am in love with this swim diaper:

these bookends are the cutest little thing for a playroom:

and these tattoos would keep little ones entertained for hours (i imagine, we aren't quite at the tattoo stage yet):

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