February 21, 2013

Slim Fits For Men

what is up with this. so SO many men’s pants these days are slim fit. but not many men are the slim fit type. in fact i’d be willing to bet that most men don’t have a slim fit frame or a desire to wear tiny pants. yet have you seen the models in the j crew catalog? what? they all look like waifs.

and my personal favorite...

i think those are sweatpants with a stitched fly? j crew doesn’t even have an option for a nice tailored bootcut anymore. i’m not talking about baggy, messy looking pants. just something comfortable. anyway, i guess bootcut is out (said in my best heidi klum voice) which is unfortunate.

what happened to clothes for men? a man who wants to look like a man, not a 12 year old boy. j crew alone has 4 different styles online that fall into the slim fit category. and as a guy pal said to me, “it’s frustrating for you and you’re not a man.” so, i’m sorry men. i feel your pain and i’m not even a man.

*yes i realize that there are other places to shop than j crew and that somewhere out there bootcut pants for men do exist and that i may be exaggerating a smidge but whatever.


Artie said...

Coudn't agree more, thanks for posting this ;)

Liz said...

a good tailored (not skinny-mini) suits is so handsome, but everything skinny for pants is not a good look (or very manly man) in my book.

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