March 15, 2013

Day Dreaming

sometimes at work instead of doing work (just kidding bosses), i dream about things i’d rather be doing. usually it’s fabric and wallpaper or marble and hardware. sometimes shopping at home goods :) but this week i was dreaming about a vacation home. a cottage actually. not the yucky upkeep, costs, maintenance, etc part (this is a dream after all) but the cute, relaxing, fun part. i decided a little cottage would be perfect – 2 bedrooms 2 baths, a family room, kitchen, little mudroom, porch and a nice backyard. simple and sweet. and i would name my cottage of course. something incredibly clever that i can not come up with right now.

dream with me...

via pinterest

cabot cove cottages

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via pinterest

and my personal favorite from my own files...

also i wouldn't mind if the inside looked something like this:

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have a great weekend! think spring!

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