March 25, 2013

Down For The Count

last thursday night/friday morning i found myself in the ER with an ear infection. hit me out of the blue at 1am and i forgot how painful they are (you know, since i haven't had one since i was like 3!). my ear still feels blocked like i've been on a plane and won't pop so i think i need to get that checked out still. but anyway, this explains my absence on friday. :(

then saturday my m-i-l and i had planned a trip to the new restoration hardware in boston. have you heard about this place? in the old louis boston store (which was a flagship here) - prime location on the shopping street in town. well they had a grand opening party which was shut down and now they're still not open. so much for that plan (although i was probably napping from my friday morning excitement) but that must be pretty embarrassing for RH!

via AD

looks fairly crowded ;)


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