March 26, 2013

Ikea Fail

last weekend i went to ikea looking for frames for a project i want to do in our upstairs hallway. it’s a long hall with good wall space and i want to get a bunch of frames – cue ikea for affordability – and frame some black and whites up with chocolate mats. chocolate because our runner has a stripe of brown and i think it would tie everything together. 

anyway the frames i chose are the odby which have rounded corners and for some reason i just really love them. so i hauled myself, with children, to ikea to obtain said frames. it was of course packed and i somehow managed to worm my double stroller through the crowds. i was feeling good when i got to the frames but then… out of stock. nooooooooooo. ugh then i remembered that i failed to check the stock before going which is critical at a place like ikea. even for frames apparently. *side note – why oh why is there only one single solitary ikea in massachusetts? it is not even remotely close to us, or anyone living where we do and north of boston, or anyone coming down from new hampshire. it would be much cooler if they built another.*

i could have gone with the ribba which is a classic gallery frame (and what i used to frame the cloud photos) which was in abundance in the store but my heart is set on the odby. the good news is that i found out that the odby is even better in person – the frame is glossy white which was a nice surprise – and i figured out the size i want. they had samples at least and i was in between the square and the rectangle but rectangle it is. so i will learn from my stupid mistake, check stock, and waste more gas to go get my $20 frames – what a deal ;)

yikes, this was one wordy post. sorry.

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Jennifer said...

I am so with you on the wish that they would open another Massachusetts Ikea. They were going to open one in Somerville at some point, but I guess that fell through? Anyway, very cool frames!

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