April 5, 2013

5 Things About Me

i guess this has been going around...people telling five things about themselves. i don't get very personal on this blog which you have probably noticed. it's just not me - i'm a pretty private person. i debated back and forth about whether i should even do this post. people read this blog to see and hear about design stuff, not learn about me. i kept asking my husband, who even cares? and he kind of agreed! so if you fall into that camp, sorry, you may skip today’s post :) but i decided to post this because it's the opposite of what i would normally do. so i here i go...

1. i have a terrible sense of direction. nonexistent. and i panic if i don't have a gps/nav to tell me where to go. case in point - last friday i went to the container store, a place i have been several times before, and i got lost. thought i knew right where i was going too, that's the worst part! my husband likes to quiz me and will randomly ask me what direction we are facing. i have never been right and it amuses him to no end.

2. my dream car is a pimped out cadillac escalade or range rover. yep. black with black tinted windows and blacked out rims. at least 22s. for reals yo. my mom told me back in college that i would make a good "rap guy's girlfriend" because i listened to eminem - like every other 20 year old! (this is the same woman who once called kanye west an "urban singer" - true story). maybe she is on to something? i would be like a big drug dealer like in the wire minus the drugs and the dealing. really it would just be little me behind the wheel. (full disclosure - i drive a pretty dreamy car right now and i realize this but it's not g'd out)

via here (apparently this is marky mark's car. sweet.)

3. i hate voicemail. i never listen to it. at work, at home, or on my cell. sometimes i wait and ask my husband to listen if i get one. i have no idea why or how this came to be but it's (one of) my odd little quirks.

4. no more kiddos! our twins are the light of our lives and i am one proud mama to put it mildly. i have never shared much about my pregnancy, or what led up to it (hence the private person thing), but i almost didn't believe that we were going to be holding actual babies until they were born. maybe some of you out there can relate? anyway, 2 is just right for us and knowing that we're not having any more puts a little pressure on living in the moment and cherishing all of the phases of babyhood and now toddlerhood. it's different i think when you know you aren't going to experience having a newborn again or those first smiles and first steps. you take it more seriously maybe - some may disagree but it's my opinion. we are so happy with our little family it's ridiculous. yet strangely sometimes i get pregnant-belly-envy. anyone else?

c&f when i was about 18 weeks. first time anyone outside of our immediate family has seen this!

5. i have almost no sense of smell. this didn't always used to be but at some point in my adult life - maybe like 5 or 6 years ago - i just lost it. i guess it probably didn't happen overnight but it's hard to judge when it's happening to you. when i was pregnant i got it back in full force and unlike most pregnant women, i loved being able to smell so well! my dr tells me that i'm a candidate for surgery one day - we'll see. :)

and there you have it! this weekend i'm going on a house tour so i hope to have lots to report next week. have a great weekend!

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lacey said...

I love you and your cute family and think it's great you did this! Who knew you were so gangstah. I dig it! Have fun on the house tour- I can't wait to hear about it!

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