April 24, 2013

Goldilocks And The Schoolhouse Lights

that has to be the dumbest post title ever. it also kinda sounds like a bad abc family show. anyway, i have been trying and trying to find new ceiling lights for our upstairs hallway and had my heart set on schoolhouse flush mounts. we have the nipple kind now and they bug me so much! but finding lights that work with the (my) requirements has been such an ordeal! the hallway is long, really long, narrow, and a bit dark. our ceilings on the second floor are 8 feet. so that means i need lighting that isn’t too big, would accommodate at least a 100 watt bulb, and doesn’t hang down too low. oh and also nothing that costs a million dollars especially because i need 4 of these suckers. you know, those million dollar flush mounts ;)

first i tried restoration hardware which had exactly what i was looking for in terms of style. but the issue was that the 12” was too big (plus the height was listed incorrectly on their website – it said 10” but it’s more like 12” just fyi) and the 9” only takes a 75w bulb. wah wah.

so pretty

then i tried rejunevation where i had great success with our mudroom fixture (more to come on that!). their smaller size was only 75 watts too and their bigger size was too big. oy.

shades of light? nope, too tall and not as pretty as the others.

but then, in some twist of fate, i found a 10” flush mount in polished nickel that takes a 100w bulb. price? check. size? check. wattage? check. i present to you the norwell schoolhouse ceiling light (purchased at wayfair): (laaaaa, choruses singing!)

the shade isn’t the exact shape i was hoping for but sometimes you just have to compromise. see, i told you, goldilocks right?

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