April 16, 2013

Not Again

as i'm sure you've heard, an 8 year old boy was among the first to die in boston yesterday. i'm so sick and tired of children being murdered. i said this after newtown. i think a lot of people did. but i'm so sick and tired. and heartbroken and disgusted and scared.

as i mentioned yesterday, patriots day is a holiday in massachusetts and also the beginning of april school vacation week. it's a family day. we went to our town's parade this morning and had a great time. however i can't imagine going to a mass public event period. a friend of mine who lives outside nyc said that this has taken going to the thanksgiving day parade, etc off the list for her and her family and i completely agree. what are you feeling?

this hits home for me personally too because there is a huge lockdown at brigham and womens hospital right now as they are questioning a possible suspect. the brigham is where i delivered my precious babies 15 months ago and all i can think about is the new mothers and fathers and babies on the maternity ward with all of this going on just 8 or so floors below.

my heart goes out to all of the victims and their families.

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